Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Year's Eve in New York City

Well folks, it is almost that time of year!  You know the one, where everyone eyes the clock out of the corner of the eye as they celebrate the past year while looking forward to the next one - that's right, New Year's Eve is just around the corner!

Even though helping people who are celebrating a birthday in NYC is what we are best known for, we also happen to be pretty good at coming up with some great NYC New Year's Eve parties as well, and we guarantee that there is something for everyone who is looking to have a great night and ring in the new year in style.

Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions about how New Year's Eve is different than most nights in NYC, and so we thought we would help out and share a few key things things that you should keep in mind when celebrating in the Big Apple.

First and foremost, you should be aware that you will likely not be celebrating at any major hotspot or club without buying a ticket, and the smart thing to do is to buy them in advance.  Even venues that do not normally charge a cover will likely require tickets, and if you wait until the last minute you run a very high risk of not getting into your favorite venue to party the night away.  Our advice: Buy your tickets in advance.

Advance tickets, beyond being good for getting you in the door to start with, have some other perks as well.  Unlike almost every other day of the year, most clubs, bars, and other venues will have long open bars instead of charging per drink on New Year's Eve.  Three hours seems to be about the minimum, and we have seen them run for up to seven or eight hours in some cases.  The best thing about having a ticket for these great parties is that it means you really only need to worry about bringing money for tips and coat check (don't forget that it is winter and the last thing you will want to do is keep up with a big coat all night), and can plan ahead a bit for the cost of New Year's partying.

Another difference is the cost of bottle service.  Although normally bottles can be a bit on the expensive side, at New Year's Eve parties you will often find that they have dropped a bit because the tickets automatically spread the cost amongst each individual.  The reason is quite simple - the VIP and Ultra VIP tickets that provide access to tables and bottles operate on the assumption that there will be a certain amount of people in these areas - so for example, there might be a minimum requirement of eight people in a VIP section, and those people would then have the cost of multiple bottles spread out across each of their tickets.  This can be very helpful for those looking for great bottle service who are not looking to spend a lot of money.

Inevitably, after I mention open bars and bottle service back-to-back, I immediately get the question, "If there is an open bar, why would I want any type of bottle service?"  The answer is simple, and comes from the fact that VIP access and bottle service go together like peanut butter and jelly.  For starters, these New Year's parties are extremely crowded with long lines of people waiting to get in, and VIP or Ultra VIP tickets ensure that you have an opportunity to bypass the lines out front.  If you have spent any time in New York City during the winter, then you know exactly how valuable this can be, as escaping the cold and wind will be worth almost any price after a few minutes outside.  Second, the crowds awaiting entrance outside are actually worse inside as people attempt to get rid of coats, mingle, and get drinks at the open bar, resulting in some unfortunate overcrowding in these areas.  Being in a VIP section helps you avoid this. Also, if you are partying for seven hours, it is almost certain that at some point you are going to want to take a breather and have a guaranteed place to crash and enjoy your drink.  VIP guarantees that you have such a place, while most general ticket holders will be relegated to standing room only.  Finally, VIP access allows you a premium place to see and be seen, which is a large part of the fun when ringing in the new year.  Plus, for those singles out there, a VIP section is always a nice place to invite a new friend to visit.

Finally, you should keep in mind that New Year's Eve is not your typical night out in New York City, and that people tend to dress a bit more upscale than you might normally encounter.  For most people, this won't matter much, but if you are a person who prefers to dress down a bit, you may want to check out the venue in advance and ensure that your style will not cause you any problems at the door.  The last problem you want at the last minute is getting turned away because you cannot meet the dress code.  A simply solution is to just look your best, dress to impress, and get ready for a long night full of fun!  After all, you want to greet 2012 looking your best!

In short, all you need to remember to make your last night in 2011 an absolute blast is that you should get your NYC New Year's Eve tickets in advance, that there is likely going to be an open bar at whatever venue you choose, that there are many advantages of VIP status, and last but not least, the importance of dressing to impress in order to avoid any problems at your party spot of choice.  If you keep all of these things in mind, you will be all set to have a great time as you welcome the year 2012 at a great venue, partying the night away with friends in the Big Apple.

For more information, check out the number one destination for New Year's Eve in NYC!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sometimes Easy Things Become Difficult

About five minutes ago, I was preparing to write a blog post about how nice it is when everything comes together and every single party goes off without a hitch.  Now, don't get me wrong, part of being the best New York birthday party planning service is that we have to be quick on our feet, expect the unexpected, and react quickly to changing circumstances, but part of what we do best is planning out the perfect event.

However, no sooner did I prepare to write than I noticed my phone begin blinking rapidly.  Now, we always have someone on-site, but part of being the best in customer service means always being available for every client on a personal level, regardless of who we have on staff.  So, despite it being after midnight, I knew that it was important to move quickly and respond in a manner that reflects our commitment to people.

The first issue was a relatively simple one, where the door guy failed to check the list properly.  It is amazing how something so simple can undo hours of planning and throw a wrench in things, but luckily we were able to get it taken care of on-site quite quickly.  This one was especially troublesome though because it was one of our VIP clients and good friends, and that is absolutely the last person we want to have any type of issue at an event.  Sorry Jessica, you know we love you!

The next issue was a relatively simple one as well, and involved someone asking where to go to get their complimentary bottle.  It was a simple manner to send them to the right person, and the party was extremely happy and thankful for our quick response.

One thing I have learned is that you can plan perfectly and cover all the bases, and things still will not always go according to plan.  I think that is the point in time where a company can truly distinguish itself from the competition by reacting in a quick, professional, and courteous manner.  Issues will arise and mistakes will happen, but taking care of the customer always has to be the number one priority.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday in the Snow!

For those lucky people celebrating their birthdays on Saturday, they got an extra special gift for their party. A surprise early snow caught most of New York City off guard, and everyone taking off to party at a variety of Halloween venues.  It was definitely cold going for all of those out in their Halloween costumes.

We had a birthday party coming in from New Jersey that got a surprising amount of snow (over 12 inches), compared with NYC's meager 3 inches.  Instead of going home after a great night of partying, they ended up enjoying an evening in a local New York City hotel.  This was probably a smart move after the New Jersey governor declared a state of emergency.

Although all of our weekend birthday parties enjoyed a lot of great partying in fun atmospheres, it did seem like the cold weather kept a lot of the city home.  This was surprising, as the Saturday falling close to Halloween normally experience some of the city's craziest crowds and sexiest costumes, as all of venues in the city run at near capacity.

Trick-or-treat NYC, and get ready for what looks to be a cold winter.  No matter how much the temperature drops, we will keep on delivering the best NYC birthday parties!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Planning a Friend's Birthday

One of the best, and worst things about being in the birthday planning business is that your friends will often call you up and seek your advice and assistance in having a great birthday.  And, to be quite honest, one of the reasons that we do what we do is to help our friends do just that - have great birthdays.

However, just like in any occasion where you mix business and pleasure, your favorite friend can sometimes become your worst client, and this is often the fault of both parties.

Some simple advice can alleviate problems on both ends - appreciate the friendship, but treat the birthday like a business.  For the party-haver, f your friend is an attorney, you definitely appreciate that work is work, and party planning should be no different.  If you ask someone to plan your birthday and events are their speciality, respect their time and don't abuse the friendship.  If you are the party-planner, keep the same thing in mind.  Just because someone is a friend, you should never take advantage of that and treat their party with anything less than the utmost professionalism.

Always be a professional, and you will find that business and friendship can mix quite well.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthdays and Holidays Falling on the Same Day

One of the questions that we get every Halloween is what to do about a birthday that falls on Halloween.  People seem concerned about whether they have to have a costume party, or whether their birthday will get  lost in the spirit of the American tradition of trick-or-treating, costumes, and all of the crazy Halloween fun.  

My answer to this is that you should celebrate your birthday always, regardless of what holiday is happening around the same time as your special day.  Your birthday is a very unique day in your life, and no matter what else is happening in the world, you should take the time to recognize and enjoy your birthday.

And, just because it happens that your birthday falls on or near a holiday, that does not mean that you have to absolutely theme your birthday in-line with the holiday.  I mean, if you want to do so, you can have a great Halloween-esque birthday party, but at the same time no one expects you to dress like a turkey if your birthday is near Thanksgiving, nor show up as a candy cane if your birthday is near Christmas.

Like any other special day, make your birthday your own.  It is your special day, and you should do what you want.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Founder's Birthday at Crimson

Saturday, October 8, 2011, we celebrated in style with our founder at an exciting nightspot - Crimson!  The party was an absolutely incredible success, with over 400 people coming out to wish him a happy birthday and enjoy an hour of sponsored open bar.  From 10pm on, the line stretched around the block, and all of those who were waiting to get in were not disappointed.

We set up in the upper VIP section, which was right next to the DJ booth.  This was an ideal spot, as it allowed us to see the amazing crowd partying with us on Saturday night.

Things got pretty wild throughout the night, as we were popping bottles of vodka and mixing up delicious drinks to share with all of our guests as we danced the night away.  The crowd was a great one, full of fabulous and fun people, and the party lasted until 4am, and every single minute was great.  If you missed this event, then you missed out.

If you are celebrating a birthday in NYC, then make sure you reach out to us so that we can help you have a similarly awesome party!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update on our October 8th Party at Crimson in NYC!

If you haven't heard the great news, we thought that now would be a good time to share it.  Not only do we have an awesome venue for our launch party and founder's birthday celebration, but we also have a really amazing DJ to spin for the evening. It is now confirmed that we have DJ Jay Dabhi aka Lil' Jay (of 92.3 Now FM fame), providing music for our exciting NYC Birthday bash!

Little known fact: Lil' Jay began DJ'ing at the age of 14, and acquired his nickname from the time period where he used to stand on milk crates to reach the turntables.

So, if you already did not have enough incentive to come out and party with us at Crimson on Saturday, October 8th with the no cover and free open vodka bar, you now have yet another reason - we have DJ Jay DABHI rocking the turntables and spinning all night long.  The music starts at 10pm, the same time as the open bar, so make sure to arrive early and plan to stay late.  We are going to be partying all night long until 4am, so make sure you take a nap and come out well-rested!

Friday, September 30, 2011


One thing that we absolutely love about Fridays here at My NYC Birthday is the excitement that comes with knowing that the weekend is going be full of fabulous birthday celebrations!  There is nothing better than looking at a weekend calendar and knowing that you have played a role in helping so many people have great memories with friends and families as they celebrate a NYC Birthday.

As summer winds down, Fridays become even more important, because they remind us of the limited amount of time that we have left to celebrate at great rooftop venues like Hudson Terrace, Empire Hotel, Bar Basque, Rare Bar & Grill, and so many others.  Even though we will be celebrating with many friends at these venues during the winter months, we will definitely miss the thrill and excitement of celebrating under the night sky and partying with friends.

The weather might be changing, but our great services will stay the same or get even better.  My NYC Birthday will always be focused on customer service and providing the optimal New York City birthday experience, and we will always be striving to improve our website, client interaction, and event planning skills in order to better serve you.

"You blow out the candles, and we take care of the rest!" has been our motto, and sums up exactly how we feel about your special day.  You shouldn't have to worry about anything other than blowing out the candles, and that is what we always strive for - the perfect evening for you.

TGIF, because we live for the weekends and celebrating special occasions with you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Big Birthday Bash! Launch Party!

It is hard for us to believe that the time is finally here for our Launch Party/Founder's Birthday Celebration!

Saturday, October 8, 2011, we will be celebrating in style at Crimson, located at 915 Broadway Street (corner of 21st Street), and we have all kinds of great things planned!  First and foremost, we will be taking care of everyone's cover charge the entire night.  The cover charge is normally $20, but we will be handling it all night!  Just say that you are there for My NYC Birthday, and we will take care of the rest.

Second, we are going to be having a special DJ in on Saturday.  You do not have to worry about the music, because we guarantee fabulous beats all night long.

Last, but not least, we are providing a free vodka open for one hour!  From 10 to 11pm, we are going to be providing you with unlimited amounts of vodka made any way that you like, so make sure to get there early and party with us - FOR FREE!

We are looking forward to seeing you out on Saturday, October 8, at 11pm, as we celebrate in style!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whiteout Party

The end of summer is an interesting time for birthday parties and nightlife in general, so we thought we would do something very special this evening to say goodbye to summer.

Tonight, we will be celebrating the end of the season by hosting a Whiteout Party at Pranna with our friends at The Blaq List.  For those who are interested in having a great night and partying in style, we will be hosting an open bar from 10 to 11pm, and we will have three different DJ's cranking out the hottest mix of music all night long.  We will have all three floors of the venue open, and it looks like it is going to be crazy party.  The venue is expected to reach max occupancy, so we are recommending that everyone comes out early and well-rested - the good times are going to go all night long!

We will see you tonight at Pranna, located at 79 Madison Avenue between 28th and 29th Streets.  Bring your friends, and get ready for the time of your life.

Monday, August 8, 2011


For most people, Mondays are a dreaded day.  It is hard to say goodbye to the weekend and start the work week, and the thought of that alarm going off on Monday morning is enough to make most people shiver in revulsion.

However, I see things a bit differently.  For me, Monday is a great day for two reasons.  First, it gives me a full opportunity to review the entire weekend in terms of parties and events, and provides a nice opportunity for introspection and learning.  If all of the New York birthday parties that we planned went off without a hitch, then it is a time to pat myself on the back.  If there were any bumps on the road, Monday provides an opportunity to review the issue, and then work to get it resolved so that it never happens again.  Most of the time it is something truly minor, but by going above and beyond and focusing on the little things, My NYC Birthday is a company that strives to make every experience perfect.

The second thing that I really like Monday is that it typically means the start of a brand new week of birthday party planning.  It is great to start receiving new emails and phone calls from people who are seeking help in having the perfect party or event, and it feels so great to be able to answer all of their questions, provide insights and advice, and to work with them to plan out the perfect evening.

Some people might hate Monday, but as for me, it is a day that I look forward to each and every weekend.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New York Birthday Venues: How Do We Choose?

I wanted to provide a quick update to anyone who was curious about some new venues that we will potentially be working with in the upcoming future.  Next week, your favorite NYC birthday company will be considering the addition of several new venues, and it never fails after we add a new venue or two that we get asked the question, "How do you choose which venues to add?"

The answer to this question is complex, and depends on a variety of factors.  First and foremost, our main concern is making sure that our client who is celebrating their birthday is going to have a good time.  We want to ensure that when we plan everything out to perfection that the venue executes on their end as well. For us, this means that each and every birthday party guest is treated like the VIP that they are, that the venue has a pleasant staff, and that the venue is professional, safe, and fun.  If a venue cannot be all those things for our guests, then we do not work with them.

Another important thing for is a positive working relationship.  It is very important that the venues maintain open lines of communication, are open to feedback, and are willing to accommodate special requests upon occasion.  After all, this is the same level of courtesy and service that we provide for them, so it is important that we receive the same thing in return.  Just like when we were kids, the golden rule still reigns supreme in the New York birthday world: Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

We also like to spend some time at venues on different evenings before working with them as well.  This helps ensure that we have a very good idea of what the vibe, music, and culture of the venue is like from the moment someone walks in until the moment that they leave.  This helps us match our birthday parties up with the correct venues for their wants, needs, and desires.

Exciting times are ahead, and we look forward to updating you soon on the new venues that will be joining our exciting lineup of top NYC birthday clubs, bars, and lounges.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why I Love Being a New York Birthday Planner

I really enjoy being a New York Birthday planner.  There is something great about helping people have a fantastic birthday, and I love providing a personal VIP service for all of our wonderful clients at My NYC Birthday.

One of the things that I find particularly rewarding is being a resource for people who are unfamiliar with the clubs, bars, and lounges in the city.  It feels great to be able to provide comprehensive information about every venue that we work with, and to be able to answer practically any question that is asked.  It also really helps keep me on my toes, because sometimes there is that question that I do not know the answer to, and it always seems to come from someone who is either new to the city or visiting.. The level of customer service that I believe in means that I am going to find out the correct answer and get back to the client quickly, and it is always great to learn something new and know that it is going to allow me to be able to help other clients in the future.

Another thing that I find particularly rewarding is helping extremely busy people have great birthday parties.  Whether it is a graduate student, banker, lawyer, mom, dad, or any other person who lacks spare time, my extensive knowledge of New York City nightlife allows me to really provide something that they would never be able to put together for themselves.  The amount of time that it takes to find venues, find out information, compare pricing and seating options, send out invitations, and all of the other vast array of things you have to do in order to plan your own birthday makes it hard for these busy people to put together an event that they will be happy with.  However, by being there for them and providing top-notch customer service, expertise, and asking the right questions, I can accomplish for these busy people what they cannot do for themselves: Planning the perfect NYC birthday party!

Something that I have become more appreciative of as My NYC Birthday continues to grow is the ability to negotiate discounts and deals for our clients.  One thing that I really love is being able to provide complimentary bottles for larger parties.  It is especially great to be able to help struggling graduate students who are living on loans to be able to have the kind of birthday that they cannot afford for themselves.  In addition, by having a good grasp on the pricing of each venue, I can help someone find an affordable spot that works for their friends' budgets as well.  Of course, it is definitely fun to plan a party that has a "the sky is the limit" budget, but there is something extremely fulfilling about helping a small budget look huge.  Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, and I like making that happen.

My job is taking care of people, and it is something that I love to do.  There is something magical about ending each weekend knowing that you have helped people create memoriess that they and their friends will share for the rest of their lives.  I genuinely care about each of my clients, and it is always my hope that they will become something more as we work together.  The person that starts out as a stranger often becomes a friend, and that is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of working as a birthday planner.  I get to meet a wide range of people from all walks of life, am able to help them have incredible birthday experiences, and then have the opportunity to gain incredible new friends at every step along the way.  Planning NYC birthdays is what I do, but helping people have amazing memories and experiences is my passion, and I am extremely happy to say that I love being a New York birthday planner.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New York Birthdays: Cupcakes and Bottles at Pranna

After the last post, I thought this would be an appropriate picture to post after the discussion about bottle service in New York City.

This picture is from a birthday party at Pranna, and shows a delicious assortment of cupcakes with some bottles, mixers, and ice in the background at private table on the mezzanine level.  The picture was taken at a birthday party thrown in March, and is a nice illustration of the perks of bottle service.  The birthday girl has her own VIP area, delicious cupcakes for all of her friends, and of course great bottles to enjoy as she celebrates in style.  Pluls, she has a great view from her table, which sits high above the dance floor and looks down upon the DJ as he spins an awesome selection of Top 40 and hip-hop.

If you are celebrating your New York birthday, and want to have an experience that will truly make you feel on top of the world, cupcakes and your favorite alcohol certainly will not do anything but help you have a great evening.

New York Birthday - Bottle Service in a Nutshell

We often get calls at our New York birthday planning service asking us, "What is bottle service?"  This sometimes catches us by surprise, as bottle service is a mainstay aspect of NYC clubs and lounges, and has been for some time.  However, for those who are curious, this blog post discusses what bottle service actually is, and some of the costs associated with it.

"Bottle service" is the term given to VIP treatment at trendy hotspots and lounges where a person elects to purchase at least one bottle (but often more) of liquor.  Besides the bottle, the purchaser receives a premium seating area and table, and one-on-one attention from a staff member who will be responsible for delivering the bottle, glasses, and any associated mixers and chasers. 

In New York City, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for bottle service, and prices often start around $300 before tax and gratuity.  At some of the top venues, you may find yourself paying more than a $1,000 for premium liquors and champagnes.  Many first-time visitors or relative newcomers are surprised by the costs, but bottle service is considered a sign of status, so you can expect to pay accordingly.

On the other hand, bottle service can often provide some unique benefits that make it worth the high price.  Typically, bottle service means free, expedited entry into a club for the purchaser and his or her guests.  In addition, there is something special and very cool about bypassing the line and being escorted to your premium table that has to be experienced to be understood.

One of our customers' favorite things about our service is that we often offer complimentary bottles to large parties (normally at least 25 people), where we handle the cost of the bottle and let our clients handle the gratuity.  If you are having a birthday party in New York, make sure to check us out to enjoy this unique service that we offer.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Celebrating a New York City Birthday? Try Something New This Year!

Have you been counting down the days waiting for your big New York City birthday to arrive at long last? Is your calendar marked up with big red X's as you anxiously await your special day?  If you are like most people, you desire to celebrate the big day with a very memorable and unique birthday party.  However, if you are like most people, you probably dread the thought of trying to plan your birthday or shiver at the thought of doing the same old thing again this year that you did the year before.
Luckily for you, you are celebrating in NYC, the city that never sleeps, and you have a vast array of options to choose from.  You can celebrate at the hottest nightclubs, the hippest bars, or the chilliest lounges, and you can do so all in the city.  In fact, your biggest problem may be narrowing down where to celebrate, as New York City offers the finest dining, the hottest social scenes, and literally has something for everyone who is looking to celebrate a birthday in style.

The secret to an excellent party is to not only choose a great venue to party in, but also to come up with birthday ideas that fit what you and your friends desire. If your friends love to dance, you should make certain to throw your party at a hip nightclub.  If your crowd likes to lounge around and try different kinds of wine, then a wine bar may be for you.  If you like food, then New York offers an amazing assortment of restaurants that are open all hours of the day, and you can certainly find one that fits both your tastes and your budget. 

One of the great things about New York City is that it constantly has new clubs, bars, and lounges opening all the time.  So, one of the great things to do on your birthday is to find a new venue that none of your friends have been to before, and make that your celebration place of choice.  Everyone will remember the first time they went that "new spot" and your birthday will be associated with "hip, fresh, and new", assuming that you choose the right location.

Looking for other alternatives?  Art galleries are all over Manhattan, and you will find a range of some of the most creative and fabulous art venues in the entire world right within New York City.  There are art galleries for every taste, and most openings now offer drinks at the event, so you can plan a great birthday party around a night out looking at the art of your choice.

Another idea that many people forget about it celebrating the night on one of the city's many boats or yachts.  Manhattan is an island after all, and there are plenty of dinner, booze, and sight-seeing cruises that are sure to please, and you can be that your friends will have a great time touring the waterways around New York under the light of the moon.

Sometimes people in New York City don't try new things because they feel like they don't have the time, energy, or money to plan out such events, but there are a variety of NYC birthday planning services that can help you, and some of them even assist with the planning at no cost to you.  So before you head down to the same old bar to celebrate your birthday the same way that you have for the past five years, maybe you should consider checking one of them out.

Regardless of what you choose to do, NYC is a great place to celebrate a birthday and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New York Birthdays and Your Budget

If you are planning a birthday in the Big Apple, then there is no question that you have a lot of opportunities to do a wide variety of big things. In the city that never sleeps, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do to celebrate your New York City birthday. However, there comes a point in time in the midst of dreaming about your big night where you need to stop, take a deep breath, and decide what you can realistically spend on your birthday. This article will help you make some decisions regarding what that budget should be for your night of NYC magic and fun. (This is assuming that you are not a heiress or have not recently won the lottery, and actually have to do some budgeting. If you fall in either of those categories, you should not spend another moment worrying about the budget, and should instead start thinking about your new yacht, and whether you want to arrive by helicopter at your birthday party. However, if you are like most of us and celebrating on a budget, then read on.)
First and foremost, you need to decide what the maximum amount of money that you can spend is. For our clients, we often tell them that there are two ways to approach this. The first is to picture yourself holding a match and a pile of cash. Pretend that the pile of cash is all of the money that you have to spend on your birthday party, and then pretend that the match is the evening itself. Mentally light the match, and picture all of that cash going up in smoke. If it makes you feel stressed out, or you feel like you might need some of that money to meet other monthly obligations, it might be time to re-think the original amount of money that you were starting with in terms of your birthday budget.
The other possibility for clients is to decide in advance how much a huge memorable night of celebrating is worth to them. It is helpful to determine in advance if they are willing to scrimp and save for a few months before or after their NYC birthday celebration in order to ensure that they have an incredible night, or if they would they rather save a bit the night of and enjoy life more before and after the party.
Once you have a budget in mind, then you have to decide exactly how you want to spend it. Are you going to want a big dinner and a chill night afterwards? Or, would you prefer to put all of your budget into a night out at a lounge or club. If you choose to spend heavily at a bar or club, you will need to decide if you want bottles or any type of open bar service for you and your friends. When you are thinking about these things, do not forget to include the gratuity for the service in your calculations. It is easy to get a nice "deal", only to discover that you must pay gratutity and tax in addition to amazing deal that you got.
Last, but not least, you will want to decide if you want to provide any party gifts for your friends that come out. Saving a bit in advance can ensure that you have some nice party gifts to provide at the end of the evening if you choose to go this route.

If you keep all of these things in mind, you will be able to have a fabulous NYC birthday celebration that is affordable, fun, and memorable.  One of the reasons that we operate our NYC birthday planning service is to help people gain a firm understanding in advance of the costs of having a New York birthday, and to help them plan accordingly (of course it helps the cause that our service is free!).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Three Reasons You Should Use a NYC Birthday Planning Service

The first question we often hear from many of our future clients is, "Why should I use a NYC Birthday Planning Service?"  The answers to this question are wide-ranging, but generally fall into three categories.

First, using a party planning service saves you time. In today's busy world, who really has the time to call hundreds of venues, figure out bottle costs, find out dress codes, inquire about cover charges, discuss table reservations, and everything else that goes into throwing a New York City birthday party?  The fact is that you can spend days on the task of trying to plan your own party, and you may do so with no success.  It only makes sense to turn to the experts for your important occasion.  After all, you would not try to perform your own open heart surgery (I hope), and if you truly treat your birthday like an important day, it only makes sense to let an expert handle it for you.

Second, it reduces your stress.  There is nothing worse the night of your special day than trying to ensure that each and every single thing goes right.  Between making sure that everyone gets in, to making sure that your table is ready, to figuring out what bottles are supposed to be where, and a myriad of other things, your own birthday party can instead become a stress-inducing affair that you won't have time to enjoy.  By putting yourself in the hands of experts, you ensure that you have time to relax and enjoy your birthday extravaganza.
Last, but not least, working with a NYC birthday planner saves you money and provides many perks that you just cannot get on your own.  For example, our service often provides complimentary bottles, no cover entry, free reserved seating, shout-outs from the DJ, VIP treatment, and much, much more, all at no cost to you.  If your birthday is a special day, why not make sure that you get the wonderful treatment that you deserve?

NYC birthday planning services are an excellent way to make sure that you have a fantastic experience.  They can save you time, stress, and money, and ensure that your birthday is a hassle-free experience, instead of a nightmare that you never want to repeat.  After all, you only get one birthday each year, so you should definitely make sure that it is an incredible experience that you will be a lifetime memory that you can talk about for years to come.

How to Plan a Great NYC Birthday in the Village - West Third Common

If you looking to plan a great NYC birthday, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there are a wide variety of venues, so you will have plenty of options to choose from when planning out this very special occasion. The flipside to this, which is the bad news, is that there are such a wide variety of venues for you to celebrate at that you may have trouble narrowing down just one. There are so many activities, musicals, sports events, and attractions that the hardest part of your birthday may be narrowing down your choices to just one thing. Luckily for you, in the city that never sleeps, you will have time to do plenty of things.
One suggestion that I have is combining dinner and drinks with your after-party celebration. A fantastic spot do do this at is West 3rd Common, which is located right off of Broadway at 3rd Street. This relative newcomer to the New York birthday scene offers a pretty nice array of drinks, and the bar has a full menu that guarantees to satisfy. In addition, the place has a nice assortment of board games that are available to play, including my personal favorite Connect 4. There is nothing better than alternating shots with shouting "Connect 4" as you lounge about in style.
At night, the venue really picks up, and you have a nice opportunity to enjoy champagne, mixed-drinks, shots, and a vibrant nightlife. The venue often opens its huge bay windows, which allow the night air to flow through and really make you feel connected with the ambience of New York City. If you are looking to celebrate a NYC Birthday, West Third is a great choice.
The area also features some other fabulous eating spots if you are looking to eat somewhere else before coming to the bar. Local favorites include Bully's Diner, Think Coffee (famous for their grilled cheese sandwiches), and Acme, with a unique blend of southern and cajun flavors that are guaranteed to make you say, "YUM!"
Access to the area is also simple, with a nice variety of subways, cabs, and town cars available to pick you up, and it is also a nice walk on a beautiful summer evening to the area from anywhere in the city. Some of the sites that you may see as you are walking down if coming from midtown include the famous Fifth Avenue Shops, the Empire State Building, and New York University. 
Summer time is a fun time, and celebrating your birthday in New York City successfully can be as simple as planning your birthday at the right NYC hotspot.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Three Tips For Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party

At some point in life, everyone deserves to have a surprise party. It is an amazing feeling to walk into an apartment, bar, club, or lounge and find yourself completely overwhelmed and surprised as your friends, family, and work colleagues shout, "Happy birthday!" and surprise you. As the guest of honor, you really do not have to much more than show up.
However, if you are on the other side of the coin, and are the one planning the surprise party, you may find yourself stressed about how much effort has to go into pulling it off smoothly. There are many details to keep in mind, secrets to keep, and it can be a very stressful experience. This article is designed to show you how to make the whole process easier and smoother.
The first thing to keep in mind about a surprise party is that in today's world of Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, secrets are hard to keep. As you start planning this event, you must always keep in mind that you have to stress the secrecy of the event and be certain that neither you or the invitees inadvertently blow the big surprise. If you decide to do online invitations via email or Facebook, you must be certain that the list is private and will not accidentally be seen by person you are trying to surprise. This means being very careful about whom you email, the privacy settings of any event that you create, and also remind each and every potential guest that the event is indeed a surprise. The last thing you want happening is for someone to tell someone that they are looking forward to attending their birthday party, or that they are really sorry that they are unable to attend. The trick is being very clear on the nature of the surprise, and ensuring that everyone is playing for the same team.
The second thing to you must be wary of is choosing a great location and ensuring that the venue is capable of hosting a surprise party. Problems that people often run into are large windows, small amounts of parking, or stragglers that arrive at the same as the person that you are attempting to surprise. Key things to keep in mind when choosing a private home or an apartment are the ability to hide cars and other modes of transportation, the ability of everyone to actually fit inside the dwelling, and also that it is a place where the birthday boy or girl won't be suspicious of heading out to visit. If you plan the party at your Aunt Martha's whom you have not visited in 20 years, or have the birthday party at an isolated house with everyone's car parked outside in plain view, you can rest assured that the surprise will be ruined.
If you are hosting the party at a venue, the same concepts apply. Choose a venue with easy access for your guests, with plenty of nearby parking or public transportation that allows the presence of the party to be hidden. Make sure the party cannot be spotted from outside the venue, and ensure that it is a place that the person of honor will not get suspicious about attending.
Last, but not least, perhaps the most important thing you can do in keeping a surprise birthday party a true surprise is to be aware of your own actions and tendencies. If you are nervous, have an excuse. If you are keeping notes or making plans, ensure that you do not leave them out. Be aware of where the other person is, when they are around, and who they talk to, and avoid any potential conflicts that could ruin the surprise.
Surprise birthday parties are a lot of fun, and if pulled off successfully, will shine brightly in memories for a very long time. Sometimes the easiest way to go plan a surprise party is to use a birthday planning service, because it allows you to avoid a good deal of the hassle and stress of keeping the secret. They can often take care of everything for you, including the invitations.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Your New York City Birthday in 2011

New York City is a big place, and one of the more daunting tasks in the city can be choosing where to celebrate your first New York City birthday. Here, we compile a top ten list to help make the process easier for you, in hopes of making your birthday simple, amazing, and affordable.

1. Marquee. Marquee is a NYC birthday hotspot that has been going strong for years, and shows no signs of slowing down. This popular venue on 10th Avenue is renowned for its fantastic nightlife, treatment of birthday guests, great space, and amazing music. The high ceilings, exciting Red Room, and multiple bars are just a few of the myriad of things that this venue has to offer.

2. Slate. Slate, located on 23rd Street, is a favorite among those visiting Chelsea when celebrating their birthday. Slate's main floor boasts a long main bar, a great dance floor, and a semi-private backroom that provides a mix of lounge and dance space that are sure to make your birthday fun.

3. West Third Common. This relative newcomer to the NYC birthday scene offers a nice array of drafts and bottles, lounge space, and good music, but is especially known for its great food. The kitchen provides delicious American fare, and the garlic fries will keep you coming back again and again.

4. Katra. This nightlife hotspot on Bowery is known for its customer service, friendly management, great music, and all-night dancing. The two floors boast separate DJ's on each, allowing for anyone celebrating a birthday in New York City to enjoy moving between floors to mix-and-match dance scenes as they see fit.

5. Sidebar. Sidebar, located at Union Square, is known for its chill nightlife, fun dancing, and delicious cocktails. It's location provides for easy access from anywhere in the city, and the backroom is known as a fun dancespot.

6. Katwalk. Katwalk, located in midtown, had a great bar downstairs with plenty of seating, but is perhaps best known for its semi-private dance space located on the top floor, complete with its own private bar. Dancing on the same floor as the DJ ensures that the music matches the crowd's desires, guaranteeing a night of fun.

7. 310 Lounge. The 310 Lounge, located on Bowery, is a great mix of bar, lounge, and club, providing a laid-back atmosphere to celebrate your birthday in style. Whether you want bottle service, shots, or signature cocktails, the 310 Lounge provides it all.

8. Village Pour House Downtown. The Village Pour House, located on 3rd Avenue, provides a sports bar atmosphere that is great for friends to gather and celebrate birthdays while enjoying sports from around the world. The three bars, friendly staff, and delicious bar fare ensure a fun time for everyone.

9. Bar 13. Bar 13, located close to Union Square, provides multiple levels of fun for all, plus an excellent rooftop space to enjoy the night air while enjoying your favorite beverage. Each floor has its own bar and sound system, allowing a lot of variety when celebrating your birthday.

10. Pranna. Pranna is a delicious restaurant by day, and at night transforms into one of New York City's hottest nightlife venues. There are multiple floors, great DJ's, amazing crowds, and bottle service that ensures that your birthday is unforgettable.

If you celebrate your NYC birthday at any one of these venues, you will not be disappointed!